Lesson Blog Oct 28th, 2023

When Furo (brazier) season is about to end, from middle of October to end of October, we call this period as Nagori. In the tea room, we can hear the echo of water falling from Kakei (bamboo water pipe) into Tsukubai (stone wash basin).

On Toko (alcove), fruits of Gamazumi with two species of fall flowers were decorated, brings a hint of early winter in the tea room. There are several origins of the name of Gamazumi, and one of them is that it comes from the "divine fruit", a gift from the mountain god. The red fruits becomes sweeter from fall to early winter, when frost comes. In the past, the children in mountain villages were enjoy eating this fruits.

For the sweets, I prepared "Soukou (霜降)" (Akasaka Confectionery Shop Shiono).