Japan Tea Ceremony Federation 118th Tea Ceremony at Gokokuji Temple, November 3rd, 2023

On a beautiful autumn sunny day, Japan Tea Ceremony Federation held a tea ceremony at Gokokuji Temple. The tea ceremony was held in seven tea rooms, each room was hosted by different schools.

From Kobori Enshu school, Soukou Kaneko sensei was in charge at Fumaiken. The tea was served by "Kenbyo -inkstone screen-" temae which is unique temae in our school.

The flower was one kind of camellia, Robiraki. The Kikukonomi Yuzanbako (formerly owned by Kikugoro Onoue VI) displayed on the Biwa Floor is an elegant utensil with sake warmer. The sweets was "Yamaji no Kiku"(Onkashitsukasa Uchide-an Daikoku-ya, at Yokohama), served on the plate in the Yuzanbako.

It was a memorable tea ceremony in the falling cherry blossom autumn leaves.

Yuzanbako = traditional wooden lunch box, origin from Tokushima area
Biwa Floor = alcove for displaying Japanese lute in the past