"Daian" Autumn Tea Party at Karuizawa Minamigaoka Club, October 15th, 2023

An autumn tea party was held at the Minamigaoka Club of Karuizawa Chuo College of Technology. The large tea room (thin tea) is Soen Kobori, the head of the Kobori Enshu School, and standing bow style room (thin tea) is Soukou Sudo, a professor of Urasenke school. It was a rain day, the summit of Mt. Asama was in cloud. The tea ceremony in the rain is also very elegant.

Minamigaoka Club has a tea ceremony house called "Daian" which was built by Sukiya architect Masao Nakamura. "Daian" is three tatami mat daime room which was designed by Sen no Rikyu at Osaka Castle town. Between the tea ceremony, guests are able to see the "Daian".