497th East Tea Ceremony at Tokyo Art Club, September 24th, 2023

Kobori Enshu-ryu, Korakuan, Sasaki Soichi Sensei hold a tea party.
This tea party held in the "Hana no Ma" tea room of the Tokyo Art Club, which has a history of over 100 years. This tea room is approximately 50 tatami mats in size and can accommodate 50 guests at a time.

The scroll is "秋沈万水家々月-in autumn, the water is clear, the moon illuminate houses-" (written by Soen Shunoku, one line calligraphy, box written by Tenshitsu). The flowers are placed in a "唐物 底四方手付籠-basket with square bottom from China-" that gives an elegant appearance of autumn. Flowers picked from the riverbed of the Tama River create an atmosphere to the Furosakibyobu "和歌入 玉川図-Japanese Poetry with illustration of Tama River-".

The sweets are "芋秋-Imoaki-" (Tomiya at Chitose Funabashi), and the tea is "蓬莱山-Houraisan-" (made by Matsuoen).

I also supported back yard and performed a tea ceremony.
It was a wonderful party, even we feel hearing the clear sound of river water in deepened autumn.