Kobori Enshu-ryu, National Training Session at Eishoji Temple, Kamakura, October 1, 2023

A national training session for Kobori Enshu-ryu Shourai-kai was held at Eishoji Temple in Kamakura. Eishoji Temple is the only nunnery in Kamakura and is also known as the "Temple of Flowers". On this day, cluster amaryllis were the best time to see.

The theme of the training session is "From the setup to operation of Oyose Tea Party*". Attendees were divided into several groups, practiced how to operate party smoothly, and how to Omotenashi the guests.

The beautiful autumn flowers were delivered from Tohoku. In Tohoku, the leaves seems starting to turn autumn colors.
The sweets are Joyo Manjyu "Autumn Field" (Onkashitsukasa Uchide-an Daikoku-ya, at Yokohama).

I headed back home after walking through the beautiful bamboo forest in the temple ground.

*Oyose Tea Party = tea party with many guests