Lesson Blog Apr 27th, 2024

The morning rain gave moistures to the new green leaves of the trees in the garden, and the stones in the Roji have a moist atmosphere.

This is the last lesson of Ro season. Regret over the passing spring, practice Kenbyo Temae with Tsurigama, a kettle hung over a sunken hearth from the celling using the chain.

On the alcove, hang 吟風一様松 -kaze ni ginzu ichiyou no matsu- scroll. It describes a scene where the pine trees are making the same sound in blowing wind. All pine trees, regardless of tall or small, receive the same wind and play the same sound. Means, the same wind is blowing to everyone, no distinction among people.

For sweets, prepared Kinome dengaku (Tokyo Surugadaishita, Confectionery Shop Sasama).