Lesson Blog Jan 13th, 2024

This is the first practice day of the year. The Shorai-an is spread pine needles all over the Roji and pine balls scattered here and there. The red and white plums are also blooming a little in the garden, under warm winter sunshine.

The hanging scroll in alcove is "松樹千年翠 -Shojyu Sennen no Midor". The next couplet is "不入時人意 -Toki no Hito no Kokoro ni irazu". It means that even though we see the greenery of the pine tree, which remains unchanged color for thousands of years, it is difficult for people to realize its true beauty.

The flowers are red plums and Kamohonami camellias in single-cut-layered bamboo vase.

The incense bowl is 雲龍 (Unryu), made by Zenju Miyashita. Zenjyu Miyashita was Kyoto born potter, who studied under Seizan Kawamura. Seizan Kawamura opened Meigetsu Kiln in Meigetsu-dani, Kita-Kamakura in 1957, and it was closed in 2023 after several generations. Incense bowl is decorated to express my gratitude for learning pottery at Meigetsu Kiln.

For sweets, prepared Hanabira Mochi (Seigetsudo, at Tokyo Ginza).