The 25th Anniversary of the Succession of Kobori Enshu-ryu Head of Family, Soen, at Nerima Ensho-in tea room "Tansetsu-an" December 15, 2023

I was invited to a commemorative tea ceremony by the head of the family at Enshoin, where is located in a quiet residential area in Nerima. I joined as Otsume with senior members of class.

The weather was slightly cloudy. We were waited at Yoritsuki, hearing the water falling sound from Tsukubai, chirping of the birds, and feeling the moist atmosphere of Roji.

The tea room was Daime. The white camellias on the Toko wall seemed to give a ray of light to the dim tea room. We enjoyed a tea with utensils that trace the history of the current head of the family, and heard memorable stories with those utensils.

The Kaiseki at Izuchiku was also wonderful and delicious.

It was an irreplaceable dream day in winter.