16th Oiso Tea Ceremony at Oiso “Shogetsu” December 10, 2023

The Oiso Tea Ceremony was held at Shogetsu in Oiso in the warm winter sunshine. This is the first tea ceremony in three years after the coronavirus pandemic period.

The thick tea ceremony was held at Sao-an.The host was Mr. Norio Sugiura, the owner of "Hasshoukan," a Japanese restaurant in Nagoya. We enjoied tea while listening to an anecdote about tea bowls between his grandfather Mr. Yasuyoshi Sugiura and Mr. Yasuzaemon Matsunaga.

The thin tea ceremony was held at the large room, and the host was Ms. Ritsuko Takeya, the daughter of Mr. Mitsuo Seino, an antique art lover and Sukisha. We enjoyied tea with many wonderful collectibles.

The kaiseki at Shogetsu was also very delicious.

The tea ceremony is Ichigo-ichie. The main guest arranged to enjoy a cup of tea in a famous bowl, and it was a memorable tea ceremony.