A bowl of thin tea ceremony at Shourai-an Chigasaki, November 23rd, 2023

As the autumn leaves were falling, I invited alumni from university, who came to Japan, to enjoy a bowl of thin tea. For people from overseas, the tea room and tea ceremony etiquette seem to be very surprising experience.

The hanging scroll was "松無古今色 / matsu ni kokon no iro nashi." Even though the old and young leaves of the pine tree are replaced over the years, it remains a pure green color, showing that everything in the world is equal. The connecting couplet is "竹有上下節 / Take ni jouge no fushi ari." Bamboo has knots at the top and bottom, indicating that there are clear distinctions and differences in the world. Expressed delight of an unchanged friendship bond with each other and reunite after the many years, although we were born in different countries and lived in different environments.

Tea ceremony was held by 硯屏 (ken-byo) method. Ken-byo, inkstone screen, is a small screen which is placed in front of an inkstone to prevent from dust. This is a typical method of Lord Enshu, who loved stationery.

For the sweets, prepared "Kuri-iri Ojika" (Shokado, at Kita-Kamakura).