Year 2024 Enshu Memorial Tea Ceremony at Gokokuji Temple, March 24th, 2024

The Kobori Enshu-ryu's Enshu Memorial Tea Ceremony was held at Gokokuji Temple in this year as well.

The memorial service included Kentan (offering charcoal), Kencha (offering tea), read sutras, and at last, Noh chants by Mr. Yoshinari Shimizu, a Noh performer of the Kanze school.

After the service, the four tea ceremonies were held at the Saryo (tea room). The master of Kobori Enshu-ryu held the tea ceremony at Kaede-no-ma. The Gunma branch held the tea ceremony at Fumaiken, the celebration of Shihan (instructor) held the tea ceremony at Getsouken, and the youth group held the tea ceremony at Soraian.

The time passes so fast as enjoy drinking tea, listening to the stories, and appreciating for the tea tools.

The lunch box by Kakiden was also wonderful.

It was a heart filling beautiful day.