Lesson Blog Mar 9th, 2024

The snow in day before has melted completely, and we have sunny sky today. The tea room seems to be gently wrapped by the spring light.

The hanging scroll on the alcove is 「弄花香満衣」(Hana wo rousureba kaori koromo ni mitsu). The couplet is「掬水月在手」(Mizu wo kikusureba tsuki teni ari). This is a paragraph from a poem,「春山夜月」(Shunzann yagetsu), by 于良史 (Yu Liangshi) of the Tang Dynasty.
The words of「弄花香満衣」describes; as you pick flowers and play with them, the scent of flowers fills your clothes before you know it. Replacing this word into our life, would be meant; if you placing yourself in a good environment, you will become better before you know it.

For the flowers on the alcove is Cornus Officinalis and Ikkyu camellia.

For sweets, prepared Ayatori Wakabeni. (Ganyuudou, at Hamamatsu).