Kobori Enshu-ryu Oiemoto Hatsugama at “Tokoan” on January 21st, 2024

The Kobori Enshu-ryu Oiemoto "Hatsugama -first kettle- celebrating new year," was held at the Imperial Hotel "Tokoan" in this year as well.

At the thick tea ceremony, the vermilion colored wodden warter bucket, a favorite of Kobori Enshu, brought in a hint of New Year's. At the thin tea ceremony, a Maizuru hanging incense burner was decolated like a dragon flying in the sky.

After the tea ceremony, there was a lot of cheers during the lottery, and the meal at Nadaman, enjoied a lively conversation with the people who were in the same group.

It was a peaceful tea ceremony, befitting the theme of the Imperial Poetry Contest ``和 -wa''